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Light-Cured Radiopaque Composite Restorative

Product Information

GRADIA® DIRECT X has the same great handling you've come to love from GRADIA® DIRECT; it now has 60% more radiopacity. GRADIA® DIRECT X simplifies your aesthetic restorations by combining smooth handling, durability and high polishability into a single, universal composite.

This product has been designed to provide excellent wear resistance and 'natural feel" in the mouth without wearing away opposing enamel.

Why choose GRADIA® DIRECT X?

  • New nanofiller blocks xrays, but not visible light

  • Optimum wear resistance and fracture toughness

  • Easier polishing, higher gloss and enhanced margin stability

  • Improved translucency, chameleon effect, and higher radiopacity

  • Over 90% of restorations (excluding Class IV) can be done with a single shade

SKU Information

Item Number Description
002601 Syringe X-A1
002602 Syringe X-A2
002603 Syringe X-A3
002604 Syringe X-A3.5
002607 Syringe X-AO2
002608 Syringe X-B1
002609 Syringe X-B2
002796 Syringe X-BW
002610 Syringe X-C2
002611 Syringe X-D2
002605 Syringe X-WT
002795 Syringe X-XBW
002590 Unitip X-A1 (20)
002591 Unitip X-A2 (20)
002592 Unitip X-A3 (20)
002593 Unitip X-A3.5 (20)
002596 Unitip X-AO2 (10)
002597 Unitip X-B1 (10)
002598 Unitip X-B2 (10)
002794 Unitip X-BW (10)
002599 Unitip X-C2 (10)
002600 Unitip X-D2 (10)
002793 Unitip X-XBW (10)
002594 Unitip X-WT (20)