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3D Printable Light Curing Composite for Temporary Crown & Bridge

Product Information

GC Temp PRINT™ is a biocompatible Class IIa material for temporary crowns and bridges, free of methyl methacrylate (MMA). It is designed to use for DLP-based 3D printing, has outstanding mechanical properties and remains stable, even after long-term storage.

GC Temp PRINT™ is ideal to print temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers and can easily be glazed and/or characterized with OPTIGLAZE™ color.

Why choose GC Temp PRINT™?

  • Unique filler technology
    The homogeneous dispersion of surface coated silica fillers contribute to a superior wear resistance. GC Temp PRINT™ temporary restorations resist the abrasion in the oral environment easily, making this product ideal for long-term provisional crown and bridges.
  • Dynamic Controlled Rheology (DCR)
    Thanks to the anti-sedimentation additives in GC Temp PRINT™, handshaking is sufficient to obtain a homogeneous dispersion, even after long-term storage. These anti-sedimentation additives form a shell around the pigments and silica-fillers, preventing them to precipitate. This ensures the highest precision and material stability of GC Temp PRINT™.

SKU Information

Item Number Description
901595 Light Refill - Contains: One 500g bottle.
901596 Medium Refill - Contains: One 500g bottle.