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Finishing & Polishing Strips

Product Information

EPITEX® is perfect for finishing and polishing interproximal surfaces (composite, glass ionomer or metal restorations). It is ultra-thin because abrasive particles are not bonded to the strip by adhesive. EPITEX® allows easier access in tight contact points, helping to minimize gingival damage.

Why choose EPITEX®?

  • Epitropically attached particles

    • Ultra-thin, flexible strips

    • Clear matrix strip

    • Improved wear resistancy

  • Color-Coded (4 grits)

    • Coarse; medium; fine; extra fine

SKU Information

Item Number Description
473005 Starter Kit - Contains: Stand with dispenser of each grain (coarse; extra fine; fine; medium and translucent matrix.
473011 Coarse (Blue) Refill - Contains: One reel (10 m).
473041 Extra Fine (Orange) Refill - Contains: One reel (10 m).
473031 Fine (Grey) Refill - Contains: One reel (10 m).
473021 Medium (Green) Refill - Contains: One reel (10 m).
473001 Translucent Matrix Strip Refill - Contains: One reel (10 m).