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GC Fujivest® II

GC Fujivest® II

Phosphate Bonded Investment for Press Ceramic Techniques
GC Fujivest® II

Product Information

GC Fujivest® II is a rapid fire, carbon-free phosphate bonded investment that produces ultra smooth, precision castings quickly and easily. This product is easy to devest and fracture-resistancy are suitable for all crown and bridge dental alloys. Once GC Fujivest® II has set (20 minutes after investing), it can be placed directly into a preheated furnace at final temperature. There's no need for progressive heat-up; the investment can be fired immediately after bench set-up time. 

With GC Fujivest® II's rapid fire formula, it can be placed into a final temperature furnace after initial (20 minutes) bench set-up, saves money, time and remakes; saves up to 80 minutes compared to other phosphate investments - no more waiting for furnaces to cool!

NOTE: GC Fujivest® II Liquid should NOT be allowed to freeze - the liquid crystallizes and can no longer be used.

Why choose GC Fujivest® II?

  • Very smooth and creamy consistency, excellent fluidity and flow characteristics for bubble-free investing
  • Greater expansion control - use one material for all castings, works with all dental alloys, including Ni-Cr and Cr-Co and on non-precious alloys- up to 3.3% total expansion
  • Simply vary the powder-liquid ratio to use GC Fujivest® II for all precious, semiprecious and non-precious crown and bridge alloys; the expansion ratio is changed by diluting the liquid with distilled water
  • Works with ring or ringless technique, can be used without wetting agents
  • Six minutes working time; sets up and ready for burnout in 20 minutes from start of mix

SKU Information

Item Number Description
800239 Intro Package - Contains: Quantity of 4 powder pouches (150 g each), 1 liquid (135 mL) and 1 measuring vial.
800018 Liquid Refill - Contains: Bottle of liquid (900 mL).
800078 Low-Expansion Liquid Refill - Contains: Bottle of liquid (900 mL).
800016 Powder (60 g) - Contains: Quantity of 100 pouches of powder (60 g each).
800019 Powder (90 g) - Contains: Quantity of 67 pouches of powder (90 g each).
900665 Powder (10 kg) - Contains: Quantity of 2 pouches of powder (5 kg each).